9. What if I am in the process of purchasing a property that has mould?
If you are in the process of buying or selling the property the mould inspection report can be used in the negotiations to establish an equitable value to repair the property. As we include a full quotation for the remediation of the property with the inspection report, you can immediately ascertain the total cost of the repairs required to get the house back to a standard that is acceptable for both the buyer and the seller. As most mould problems can now be remediated without major deconstruction to the house, it is more feasible to purchase a mould contaminated house and to have it fully cleaned, remediated and guaranteed.

10. If I have already had a mould inspection company take an Air sample with a lab report, do I still need a scope of work ?

Professional and experienced mould inspection companies will provide you with a complete Scope of Work, as a part of their service. It they have not, then a mould remediation assessment will be required, in order to produce the Scope of Work. A lab report alone for an air-sample test does not provide the information required for a mould remediation company to accurately quote on a job.
Once contracted to do a mould remediation job, Eco-Impact and Mould Experts, will conduct a separate mould inspection, regardless of whether or not a previous inspection of the property had been done. We do this, in every instance, to ensure that our remediation and quality control procedures are strictly followed.
We do recommend that a 3rd party certification is done, after the remediation has been completed.
As mould detection is often problematic with areas often overlooked, or it may have been several weeks from the time of the initial inspection and given the right conditions, the mould will continue to grow and spread during that period. Our systematic test methods gives us the confidence in knowing that a complete inspection has been conducted. With possible areas of omission reduced, it insures that we will have the greatest probability of success - even in areas where the mould is not readily accessible or visible.

11. How much will a mould remediation cost ?
As there are so many variables involved in mould remediation, this cost can only be determined at the time of the mould inspection. Mould remediation can also include the cost of repairing water damaged materials, fixing leaks, removing fiber glass insulation, cleaning carpets as well as cleaning, abatement and preventative treatments.
Our company charges a standard daily rate for remediation, what will vary is the amount of time required to full clean and repair a property.
More information on mould remediation and mould abatement.

12. Once we have found the source of the mould, can we clean the mould ourselves?
In all cases, physically disturbing the mould will cause the spores to spread, and this could inadvertently contaminate areas that currently have no mould amplification. In some cases, household cleaners can make the mould problem worse. We strongly recommend that caution be used in all instances. Read the EPA guideline for DIY projects.
Some moulds are capable of producing carcinogens (e.g., aflatoxin produced by Aspergillus flavus). The spores may be toxic by inhalation (e.g., satratoxin H in the case of Stachybotrys chartarum (atra). The antigenic material produced by a mould of a particular genus will vary according to species or a strain within the species and can vary with the source of nutrition available for the organism.

As per the EPA guidelines, we recommend individuals untrained in bio-containment abatement procedures do not attempt to perform remediation on moulds with an aggregate area of contamination of 10 square feet or more. (regardless of the type), or on those moulds, (regardless of area), which are considered to be toxic or pathogenic.
If the mould problem is more than 10 square feet or if you've tried cleaning it yourself and the odour persists or if it comes back in a few days, you need professional consultation.

See our page on DIY mould remediation before you consider any mould cleaning project.

13. I am currently renting an apartment, would I need a full mould inspection and scope of work?
If you are renting, you are most likely not responsible for any repairs to the building. This is falls under the responsibilities of the building owner. However, you, as a tenant, may require evidence that mould is present within your rental unit. You may also require consultation on how to proceed with having the mould addressed and on how to care for you personal possession that are in the apartment. This would require a full mould inspection.

14. How do we make an appointment for a mould inspection ?
For the Vancouver, B.C. area - Call for an appointment.
Office hours: Monday to Friday 9AM - 7PM
Telephone: (778) 786-1552

Please note that inspections are best conducted in daylight hours.
Servicing the following areas: The Greater Vancouver area, The Lower Mainland, Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Delta, Hope, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, North Vancouver, Pemberton, Richmond, Squamish, Surrey, Sunshine Coast, West Vancouver, White Rock, Whistler .