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I am sure that I have a mould problem in my home. I am not sure of the steps that I have to take ?

There are several steps in the mould inspection and mould remediation process:

  1. Mould Inspection and testing
  2. Mould Report with a Scope of Work
  3. Quotations from remediation companies
  4. Remediation and Removal of the mould
  5. Final Inspection and Clearance

Your first step is to contact a mould inspection company. They will perform the necessary fungal and environmental tests and visual inspection of the property. They will also provide you with a Scope of Work. If you are planning to have the mould cleaned professionally by a mould remediation company, the scope of work is the most important document they will provide you with.

What is a scope of work?
The scope of work is a document produced by the mould inspection company that gives the remediation company a full and complete set of instructions for the work that is required to clean the mould. It explains in detail, the procedures, processes and safety protocols that should be used for your individual mould problem. It should also address water intrusion issues that may be present in the home. It ensures that the remediation companies have all the information they need to give you a fair and accurate quotation on the work that has to be preformed. With a work standard set, all companies can quote on the same procedures, protocols and safety requirements, with no short cuts.

I own a condo, and I have mould . Who should pay for the remediation?
Your first step is to establish if you do have a mould problem and the extent of the contamination. For this, you will require a full mould inspection and a scope of work.

The inspection report and Scope of work will determine for you where the mould is located, the probable cause/s of the mould and the required protocols and methods required to clean the mould and restore the property to its original condition.

In some cases, if the mould is only within your unit, then the condo owner is usually responsible for cleaning the mould problem. But, if the building is still under a contractor's warranty or if the mould problem in your unit was caused by or extends from a common area, then your homeowners/condo strata association should be notified. The condo association should be given a copy of your mould inspection report and the scope of work. Read your homeowners documentation carefully, every case is different.

In the case where insurance claims or in cases where litigation is likely, we highly recommend the involvement and consultation with a certified mould consultant, hired by you, to conduct the initial investigations. They will provide you and your attorney with the necessary documentation you will need for this process.

How do we make an appointment for a mould consultation ?
For the British Columbia area - Call for an appointment.

As the extent of mould contamination differs in every case, a mould inspection will be required for a complete consultation.

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We can usually schedule an inspection within 48 hours. Please note that inspections are best conducted in daylight hours.