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  Excess nutrients often play a role in eutrophied ponds and lakes. Bioremediation can assist in reducing the nutrients to levels where they no longer effect the lakes biota.
Water Quality and Bioremediation    

In most cases, poor pond water is a result of an overload of organic matter, including excess nitrogen, ammonia or phosphorous. This build-up serves as a food supply for algae, cyanobacteria, anaerobic bacteria, and certain weeds. You may not only see algae blooms and scummy conditions, but you can often smell the results of poor water quality.
Algae, cyanobacteria or blue-green algae, anaerobic bacteria and certain weeds can be eliminated through a natural biological process called bioaugmentation. Bioaugmentation is the process of introducing natural bacteria and enzymes in large quantities into a polluted system. Bioaugmentation places the correct balance of microbes back into those areas where the natural microbes may have been destroyed or exist, but in low numbers.
Better water quality is achieved without the addition of hard chemicals such as copper sulphate or alum.
Additionally, a series of all-natural microbial species has been isolated to bioremediate hydrocarbon contamination in water.

EUTRO-CLEAR for Ponds - Controlled experiments clearly demonstrates that the microbes in EUTRO-CLEAR for Ponds have the capacity to remove organic pollutants from the water column through biological nutrient removal. Once this nutrients has been removed and the water is brought back into ecological equilibrium, algae and cyanobacteria growth and pond scum and eutrophication will be eliminated.

EUTRO-CLEAR for Ponds is Probiotic - for use in aquaculture

For heavily stocked fish systems - Using a combination of EUTRO-CLEAR nitrifying bacteria with EUTRO-CLEAR SB Pro-biotic formula will address ammonia and reduce the organic sludge within the system. The pro-biotics assist in feed conversion and digestion. Excess food, feces build-up is reduced. Turbidity is reduced, water becomes cleaner. Reduces ammonia levels, nitrates and pathogens.

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