bioremediation in ponds, wastewater, hydrocarbons and oil spills


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Bioremediation - Reduces ammonia levels, odor, nitrates, algae and sludge build-up. Improves water visiblity / turbidity.


Bioremediation Products for Eutrophied Ponds


┬áSpecially selected microbial/ probiotic products, in wholesale sizes. These contain sufficient product to treat a 3 acre foot pond for 1 month. (1 surface acre x 3 feet deep) Excellent for treating ponds/Aquaculture with fecal coliforms, blue green algae, Industrial BOD and high ammonia levels.

Product Description Dosage
Eutro-Clear WWT 5B * - 25lbs In 5 Gal. Plastic Pail
highly concentrated, bacterial / probiotic product formulated for ponds/Aquaculture - Environmental Safe
10 lbs. of Eutro-Clear WWT 5B on Day 1, then 5 lbs. a week for remainder of the month
Bio-Buff Buffer 50lbs. For improved water clarity and alkalinity Apply 50 lbs container on Day 1
Nitro-Clear * 5 Lb. Nitro-Clear Nitrifiers - Dry Powder- ammonia reduction *

Products sold individually

Product Product cost + Shipping Total USA and Canada

Eutro-Clear WWT 5B WWT for Ponds

25lbs. in 5 Gal. Plastic Pail

USD$535.00 + $35.00 $570.00
Bio-Buff- Buffering - 50lbs. $$Call$$ *
Nitro-Clear * *NEW Product Available **

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For computing the volume of a pond or lake in gallons, use one of the following:

  • Length x width x depth (in feet) x 7.48 = number of gallons or
  • 1 acre/foot = 325,000 gallons.